Let’s chat ways to save money, build our credit and income, and reach financial freedom… but can we take the convo a step farther? I challenge you to look at your money habits through the lens of how you think.

Because what you think is ultimately, what you’ll do.

About Nella Rae

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Financial freedom through a different lens.

There is so much information out there about personal finance, but in the quest for financial freedom, there’s one thing that often goes overlooked  – how we think.

If you wanted to figure out why your car is acting up, you wouldn’t randomly start buying parts. You’d start by looking under the hood, otherwise, how would you know where to start or what to buy?

That exact concept when applied to finances, is a game changer. By looking inward, we can identify the setbacks keeping us from financial success.

My goal is to not only help you discover those roadblocks, but to also help you remove them. Because where’s the fun in just living when you can thrive?!


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Lessons from the best.

I began my career writing for the financial industry in 2011 and have since served as a writer for several Fortune 500 companies, marketing agencies, and higher education institutions. From credit, to loans, to mortgages, I’ve learned a ton about how to build from the bottom up. And for me, the best part about learning is the chance to share it with someone else!

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Popular Feature

Bob Marley once said “You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice.” It’s a pretty well-known quote, but until you’ve experienced this for yourself, it’s hard to believe you truly know how incredibly powerful and accurate it is. It can come off a bit sad and unfortunate, the idea of having no one to turn to and no choice but to lean on your own strength. But having nothing and no one can lead to having true prosperity. Think of what happens when you know there’s nothing or no one coming to save you. You begin to think creatively about solutions.

You begin to consider new options. You stretch yourself to get the job done. You may even take on a “by any means necessary” approach. Now I’m not talking about the type of desperation that leads to self-destruction or illegal activity – let me be clear about that. I’m talking about the internal drive that kicks in when all of the usual resources are exhausted. Full Article — Keep That Same Energy: How Lessons from Being Broke Can Lead to Prosperity

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