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Every decision has a cost. A real-life monetary cost. And you know what I’ve realized? I simply can’t afford it all. In life, we have to choose which costs we can afford, and which ones we cannot. That’s essentially what The Nella Rae Blog is about.

From clothes, to nails, to savings, to hobbies, to childcare, to date-nights with hubby, to which hairstyles to wear – this blog is all about learning how to manage what you have while still living a satisfied life.

I hope you’ll find some interesting and helpful things on this site.




In a nutshell, The Nella Rae Blog is a content hub for all things lifestyle, from being a woman, mother, and wife, to being a budget fanatic, natural hair enthusiast, and child of God.


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I love a host of things, but natural hair and parenting are probably topics I enjoy most. Oh, and money… and good recipes… well, a lot. In short, expect to see lots of articles on… Continue reading “About”


Three Mental Money Moves That Will Help You Save

I like to believe that most of our interactions with money are mental or emotional. We spend because we’re happy (let’s celebrate over dinner), we spend because we’re sad (retail therapy at the mall), we spend because we can (I deserve nice things), or we spend because we can’t (it’s not often that I come across extra money). The reasons are countless, but more than likely, the reasons are attached to an emotional benefit.

Why Children Crave Discipline

As the fall begins and our kiddos head back to school, I thought I’d share an a-ha moment I recently had with my son. The other day, my 4-year-old son “lil Rufus” asked if he could leave his blinds open while he sleeps. We told him no. The next morning, we go in his room to wake him and his blinds are open and pushed up. Needless to say, his father and I were upset.

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Please don’t ever hesitate to send any questions, suggestions, and comments you have for me to nellaraeblog@gmail.com. I will reply within 24 hours – you’ve got my word.

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