Understanding Who You Are When All the Motives Cease

Coming up on my thirtieth year has revealed some hard truths about myself and my thinking that warrant a moment of recognition. Often in life, I’ve found myself caught up in what others think of me, what I want others to think of me, and who I want to be… all while completely disregarding who I am right now.


5 Podcasts You Should Subscribe To

5 Podcasts You Should Subscribe To + a bonus for those looking for some Black Girl Magic.

In 2018, Is It Still Taboo for Men to Be Stay-at-Home Dads (SAHDs)?

It's alarming how many people are still uncomfortable with or simply don't understand the concept of a man choosing to raise his kids at home over going to work. Hear this man's experience as well as ours!

Take This Nerdy Route to Saving | Part 2 of a 7-day series

Happy New Year! With 2018 just starting, I thought this would be a good time to focus on ways to save throughout the year so that when 2019 rolls around, we’ll have something to show for ourselves.