3 Protective Style Red Flags

With any style that stays in place for quite some time, it’s important to retain the length and health of your hair and any new growth. A hairstyle shouldn’t just be a cute hairstyle. It should benefit your hair in some way or another.

There are several red flags we should look for in every style to make sure we keep our hair healthy, moisturized and breakage-free.


Make your scalp inaccessible  Grant it, not every style leaves your scalp exposed like individual braids or twists do. But using a color applicator bottle to reach your scalp in places where your fingers can’t quite reach is a great solve for that. Avoid styles that don’t allow oil or moisture to reach your scalp. Examples would include quick weaves, or sew-ins done with tightly-woven nets.

Be Heavy – This is more of a concern for styles that include extensions. Long box braids and Havana twists are common styles right now, but it’s important to be mindful of how much hair is added to your hair. If a style is too heavy, it could lead to hair breakage or hair loss.

Place a lot of tension on your scalp  Too much tension on your scalp can lead to low density (fewer strands of hair), making your hair thinner and weaker. In some cases, tension can lead to hair loss that may or may not be permanent.

A few ways to tell if your style applies too much tension are:

  1. It causes headaches.
  2. It produces small bumps on your scalp (usually after 24 hours).
  3. It simply hurts for an extended period of time.

So the next time you get your hair styled, make sure you are cautious of these red flags!


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