Why Revolucion In Fountain Square Is Perfect for a Night Out

Revolucion with friends 1

My girlfriends and I recently met for a girls night out at Revolucion in Fountain Square (Indianapolis). It was a much-needed outing. Someone suggested Revolucion and insisted that we would all love it. She was right.

The seating area at the entrance has a more traditional restaurant feel for family dining. Though inviting, we decided to head to the back of the restaurant (literally towards the restrooms) to the hidden tiki bar.

Rev Tiki
Entrance to Tiki Bar; Photo cred: Yelp Business Page


As we crossed the double doors, the atmosphere changed immediately from ‘let’s have a nice Mexican dinner’ to ‘living la vida loca!”

The tiki bar area is dimly lit, on a raised platform, and is adjacent to the outside patio. If you take a couple steps away from the bar, you’re standing outside… it’s lovely.

There are cultural artifacts and art hanging on the walls, and dangling string lights throughout the bar and patio.

I was the awkward pregnant girl at the tiki bar, but the bartender made me feel so welcomed. He even made me a blue mocktail after I shared that I’d just found out I was having a boy! It was tasty to say the least.

Revolucion Bar
Tiki Bar; Photo cred: Yelp Business Page

One of my friends is a frequent visitor at the tiki bar, and we could tell. All of the bartenders and waitresses greeted her with warmth and each had personal updates to share.Revolucion with friends 2


I thought that if I could ever shake my routine lifestyle as a mom, I would love to join her more often at Revolucion simply for the close-knit relationships she seemed to have with the eclectic bunch.

While I didn’t partake in any food that evening, my friends’ appetizers and meals looked delectable. One of my coworkers also raves about their tacos. Even if you don’t want any Mexican food, the atmosphere, service and drinks alone compensate for it.

And if you’re wondering, it’s totally reasonable in price!


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