Labor & Delivery Series Part 2: When My Water Broke

The Night Before 

My water didn’t break naturally with my first son, so I had no idea what to expect. It was three weeks before my due date (on a Wednesday evening) when I decided to look on Google for what to expect when my water breaks. My hope was that knowing the signs would make me feel more prepared for the unexpected. I’d heard a ton of different stories, and since I had started to experience lots of pressure in my pelvic area, I started to suspect the baby would come soon.

LD Story Feature Image Pt2I read several different websites and articles and many of them seemed to say the same things:

  1. Expect a small, but recognizable popping sensation, similar to a balloon popping in your vaginal/lower abdomen area…. Followed by a release of liquid
  2. In terms of the amount of liquid, you can expect either a small, infrequent release of liquid, or a sudden gush
  3. If sitting when it happens,, you may feel warmth as the liquid exits
  4. And the telltale sign: Liquid will continue to leak over a period of time and it will onset contractions that grow consistently in strength

Ok, so I now knew what to look for. And honey, I was on guard! I went to sleep prepared and on the lookout. I figured something would happen in the next two weeks at the soonest. Boy was I wrong!

How My Water Broke

I went to work the next morning (remember, it’s one day later so now it’s Thursday). It was the company’s holiday pitch-in and I was determined to enjoy myself. Unlike what I had been doing before which was eating small meals to avoid any discomfort (more details in Part 1), I made sure I tried as many dishes as possible. And it was all delish!

At My Company Christmas Pitch-In
Me acting silly at the company holiday pitch-in; no alcohol was consumed in the making of this picture.
Aside from a little pigging out, I did everything I normally did: drank water, went to work, drove home, made dinner, spent time with my hubby and son, kissed hubby goodbye as he headed to work (he worked nights), and went to bed. Same ol’ same ol’.

Like I mentioned in Part 1, “bed” was a recliner in the living room because laying down just wasn’t comfortable anymore. So I cozied up with a blanket and bottle of water (drinking water helped stave off the late-night Braxton Hicks contractions I had been getting for several weeks leading up to this point), and I called it a night.

Every night around 2am or 3am, I would get contractions, and this night was no different. Or so I thought.

I really only had one contraction and it was so strong that it immediately woke me up. Right after I collected myself, I felt and heard a low pop. Noooo, it couldn’t be. But instantly I felt warm liquid seeping from my lap. Worried I’d have a big mess to clean off the sofa, I hurried to my feet, dropping my blanket to the floor between my legs. And surely enough, ample amounts of fluid gushed onto the floor beneath me.

My water broke!

What are the chances that this would happen literally one night after reading about it? I love how clever the Holy Spirit is; He has a great sense of humor. But I digress.

Moments After My Water Broke

I began to panic because I wasn’t sure how soon my contractions would come, and my husband worked 30-40 minutes away. I called him, told him what happened, told him that I would call the doctor, and that I would call him right back. As a second time mom, I knew there was a small chance that they would send me back home if I wasn’t in active labor. But since my water had broken, I wasn’t sure what the protocol was.

Apparently, when your water breaks, there is no going back home, because there is a limited amount of time the baby can function without the waters before he/she has to be delivered.

After asking him a couple times if I should go to the hospital, my doctor said sternly “make your way to the hospital ASAP, you’re having a baby today!”

So I called my husband back to summons him, and then called our aunt who agreed to keep our 4-year-old while we would be in labor.

It was go time!

While waiting for my husband to get there, I went to the bathroom to clean myself up and change my clothes. Total waste of time! I continued to leak so much that no sanitary napkin could keep me dry. I eventually just put on a couple pair of leggings and said to heck with it.

I started gathering my toiletries and threw them in my hospital bag that was already packed. Once I had everything ready, I decided to wake my son and get him dressed. Because of my fear of the unknown and a lot of anxiety, I think I was on autopilot. Weirdly, I didn’t feel much pain at all, only mild contractions here and there.

A Ticking Clock

My aunt showed up first, which was great because she helped me finish dressing my son (bending down to get his socks and shoes on was an Olympic feat). Shortly after, my husband showed up.

I’ll admit I was a bit upset with him because he didn’t have his bag for the hospital packed yet (despite all the times I reminded him prior to that). But being upset would not help our cause. I wanted him to be by my side without having to leave the hospital, so I waited (plus, he was my driver :)).

I wasn’t in any major pain yet, so I had a little patience to spare. Luckily, my aunt had no problem pushing him to move faster, so I didn’t have to. After about 10 minutes, we headed to the car, said goodbye to our aunt and son, placed some plastic bags on the passenger seat in the car, and headed to the hospital (which was only 5 minutes way) to have our baby!!

The Morning After the Pitch-In
Me, the morning after the company pitch-in
Read about my experience once I made it to the hospital and the story of my delivery in Labor & Delivery Series Part 3: Embracing When My Birthing Plan Changed.

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