Labor & Delivery Series Part 3: Embracing When My Birthing Plan Changed

When we showed up at the hospital at approximately 3am, the valet was closed and the front desk was empty, so we took the elevators to the Labor & Delivery Ward. I imagined I’d be wheeled up in a wheelchair, but it didn’t happen that way.

Instead, I walked to the triage (taking several pauses for contractions) and was kept there to be monitored for about 30 minutes. It didn’t take long for them to see and confirm that I was in active labor, so they admitted me.LD Story Feature Image Pt3

We headed to our room and got comfortable. Well, as comfortable as possible. Hubby had to run back downstairs to move the car (we had parked it in the loading zone since the valet wasn’t there).

In a tour we’d taken several weeks back, the tour guide told us it is permissible to park in the loading zone temporarily during the wee hours of the night if it is an emergency. And in our case, it was an emergency!

Waiting for hubby to return, I paced my room, timing contractions. I did that for about 15 minutes, rolling my IV around with me, before my nurse suggested I lie down to rest. Because my water had broken a couple hours prior to this point (read that story here), and I hadn’t begun any excruciating contractions, the nurse wanted to speed up my labor with Pitocin. Therefore, I had to sit my tail down. 

The Morning After the Pitch-In
Waiting for my little one to come

The Pitocin kicked in almost immediately and I only endured about four contractions before my nurse suggested I get an epidural if I wanted one. I wanted one!

I had to wait about 10-15 minutes for the anesthesiologist to arrive. Worst 15 minutes of my life! My contractions radiated from my back to my abdomen down to my vagina. And they lasted for what felt like 5 minutes each time, subsided for 30 seconds to 1 minute, and would start all over again.

They were so painful and so frequent that I don’t remember what the anesthesiologist looked like. My eyes were closed most of the time. They like to administer the epidural in between contractions, but he had to proceed with it since mine weren’t letting up. Boy did it hurt! Nevertheless, I survived it and began feeling relief within five minutes of getting it.

At that point, my husband and I took several minutes to call our loved ones to inform them that the baby was on his way.

When My Birthing Plan Changed

I continued to labor for another hour and a half, but was in so little pain that I was able to take a nap to prepare for pushing. I tried napping, I did. But it was very light sleep. I was too excited! While lying there, the nurse came in to check me again.

Now, because of how low my belly was, and the way it was shaped, and because of the types of movement I felt in different areas of my stomach when the baby moved – I long ago thought the baby might be breech. Yet, none of my nurses or doctors ever confirmed it, and I didn’t have ultrasounds during the final weeks of my pregnancy.

Back to what I was saying… the nurse checked me and realized that it wasn’t his head se was feeling, but his buttocks. He was breech.

Great, so now what?

My nurse quickly, and I mean quickly, explained that I needed an emergency C-section because not only was he breech, but I was fully dilated and ready to push.

Waiting any longer could pose the risk of him getting injured in the birthing canal. 

Four to five nurses rushed in and began prepping my husband and me for surgery. They moved me to a mobile bed, and transported me down a hall to a large, white, sterile operating room. I tried not to be scared and kept telling myself that women endure this every day, but the commotion and drastic responses from everyone made me worry.

I took several deep breaths, looked around the operating room, and prepared mentally for what was about to happen.

In the Operating Room
Hubby and I in the Operating Room
For the final details of my delivery and surgery, check out Labor & Delivery Series Part 4: Experiencing The Operating Room During My C-Section.

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