How Spending Could Help You Save | Part 4 of a 7-day series

If you missed the previous post in this series (A Twist to Automatic Saving That You’ll Love), be sure to give it a look. Some of these savings methods are short and sweet, and some are a little longer. But all of them are useful and effective. My hope is that you’ll try one (or more) and reach your goals as well. Let’s jump into today’s saving method, a short and sweet one!

New Year background


Reward yourself for saving – yep, spend a little to treat yourself.

Create milestones for yourself (like $500, $1000, $2500, or maybe every $1000 saved). Once you reach that milestone, take one or two weeks off from saving and use that money on yourself. You deserve it! Once you’ve done that, start right up again!

That’s pretty much it. As with diets, depriving yourself can have negative effects on you ability to sustain your saving habits. When you’ve reached a big milestone, take a moment to revel in it.

Buying a cute bag or going out with your girls could be the motivation you need to keep doing what you’re doing (saving those dollars). No need to feel guilty or deprived when you’re using good habits!

If you missed any posts in the 7 Small Ways to Begin Saving in 2018 Series, you can check them all out here. Stand by for the next post: A Snacking Habit that Saves You Money.

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