Save on Your Own Terms… Here’s One Way to Start |Part 6 of a 7-day series

Happy Monday (or whatever day you’re reading this)! If you missed the previous post in this series (A Snacking Habit that Saves You Money), be sure to give it a look. Some of these savings methods are short and sweet, and some are a little longer. But all of them are useful and effective. My hope is that you’ll try one (or more) and reach your goals as well. Let’s jump into today’s saving method!

New Year background


Loosen the reins on how you save.

I made this suggestion to my best friend who wanted to start saving, but was also frustrated with the idea of not being able to spend her money as much as she wanted to. Instead of telling her to save a decent amount from each paycheck for an indefinite amount of time, I suggested she alternate the times when she saves.

For example, instead of saving from every check, save from every other check. Or instead of saving every month, save every other month. With this strategy, it takes a little longer to save, but it feels less restricting.

It also provides some anticipation for the months when you don’t have to save. You’ll find yourself saying, “Ooo, next month I’m going to get that bag I saw.” And mastering delayed gratification is a great skill for saving. The only suggestion I’d make, is to save a little more than usual during the periods that you choose to save, to make up for the times when you don’t.

As long as you don’t touch the money you’ve saved (except for real emergencies), this method would give you nice results and satisfaction along the way. Of all of the savings methods in this series, this is probably my favorite. It puts you in the drivers seat, and still holds you accountable. What’s not to love about that?

If you missed any posts in the 7 Small Ways to Begin Saving in 2018 Series, you can check them all out here. Stand by for the next post: Have You Heard of People Taking a Crash Savings Hiatus? 

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