In a nutshell, The Nella Rae Blog is a content hub for all things lifestyle, from being a woman, mother, and wife, to being a budget fanatic, natural hair enthusiast, and child of God.


Nella Rae Full Shot

I love a host of things, but natural hair and parenting are probably topics I enjoy most. Oh, and money… and good recipes… well, a lot. In short, expect to see lots of articles on…



various topics. I might give recommendations for restaurants and recipes to try, or I might discuss money management and budgeting. I’m all about sharing the wealth.

I’d love for you to not only know what you’ll find on Nella Rae, but also why I started this site to begin with.

So, like most people, I have learned a crap ton about life, often times the hard way. From money habits to knowing how to maneuver dating (or the kitchen), I’ve stumbled my way through. Often times bearing more repercussions than fruit.

I eventually turned to friends, family, and church family for those lessons, but I had a lot of moments when I wished I had someone to coach me through those challenges. Now I feel I owe it to others to be that friend, that voice of reason, that adviser in the things I’ve mastered. I mean, sharing is caring, right?

That’s the essence of what I hope Nella Rae will be to you. A trusted friend.

I hope the cold hard lessons I’ve learned about money, marriage, family, friendships, parenting, hair, and simply making a decent meal will help you whip your own life into shape and help you steer clear of hitting rock bottom. Just pretend I’m that matter-of-fact friend who says what no one else has the guts to say to you, like:

  • You need to quit complaining and do something about it.
  • You’re crying about being broke, so you spent money to feel better – that’s smart.
  • No – you can’t refreeze chicken that you’ve already defrosted.
  • Honey, you’ve got to let him go already.
  • Don’t spend $100 on that. I know where you can get it way cheaper!
  • When you got married, you said for better or worse.
  • If you don’t enjoy being alone with yourself, how can you expect someone else to want to be alone with you? You’ve got to learn to love yourself sweetie.
  • Yes, spending a little extra on junior’s schooling is worth the splurge (using your savings on Kanye’s pop-up shop ain’t!)
  • Girl, bye!

With the help of God and a few great people, I pushed through a lot of my negative experiences and turned rock bottom into a rock solid foundation to grow on. I’m growing my finances, my friendships, and even some pretty luxurious natural hair. And I’m beyond excited to share my lessons with you.

So take a moment to sit back, relax, and browse around – I’m sure you’ll find something interesting (maybe even life-changing). Because there’s absolutely nothing wrong with investing in yourself for once!


Now, let’s get to know each other. I’ll start with 10 random facts about me. Share somthung about yourself in the comments below.

  1. I can spend hours watching family or natural hair vloggers on Youtube.
  2. My favorite me-time thing to do is my nails.
  3. Having a church home makes everything right in my world. #Jesusismyhomie
  4. I’m a true grammarian at heart, but I can code switch like nobody’s business.
  5. I enjoy listening to finance related podcasts, especially in my car where no one judges me.
  6. My husband and two sons are my world.
  7. I love an occasional glass of wine! So what’s the occasion today? Just kidding, kinda.
  8. I am a NCCU and JHU alumnus and will annoy you with it at every opportunity. #eaglepride
  9. My family and I reside in the beautiful city of Indianapolis.
  10. Aside from magazines, I love a good self-help or Utopian society book. So if you know of any, do tell!
Me with my wonderful hubby and two sons: Rufus (right) and Ezekiel (left)
Hubby and Rufus
Rufus and (little) Rufus… When they’re together, I call them Rufi (like ru-fye) 🙂