Vacation or Bae-cation: How I Make It Happen On a Budget

If you’ve been wanting to take a vacation, whether it’s with or without the kids, you might feel like I did. Like it’s impossible. With a family, home, bills, and unexpected expenses all the time, I couldn’t help but think the same two words whenever the thought of vacation crossed my mind: How sway?!?


Why Children Crave Discipline

My Son and I on Pier

As the fall begins and our kiddos head back to school, I thought I’d share an a-ha moment I recently had with my son. The other day, my 4-year-old son “lil Rufus” asked if he could leave his blinds open while he sleeps. We told him no. The next morning, we go in his room to wake him and his blinds are open and pushed up. Needless to say, his father and I were upset.

Labor & Delivery Series Part 2: When My Water Broke

My water didn’t break naturally with my first son, so I had no idea what to expect. It was three weeks before my due date (on a Wednesday evening) when I decided to look on Google for what to expect when my water breaks. My hope was that knowing the signs would make me feel more prepared for the unexpected. I’d heard

Labor & Delivery Series Part 1: About My Pregnancy

In April of 2016, I found out I was pregnant with my second child (a boy for the second time). I wasn’t too shocked as my husband and I had decided to leave the fate in the hands of God and just baby dance until something happened. It didn’t take long. After about two weeks of baby dancing, we conceived.