Three Mental Money Moves That Will Help You Save

I like to believe that most of our interactions with money are mental or emotional. We spend because we're happy (let's celebrate over dinner), we spend because we're sad (retail therapy at the mall), we spend because we can (I deserve nice things), or we spend because we can't (it's not often that I come across extra money). The reasons are countless, but more than likely, the reasons are attached to an emotional benefit.


One Week of Groceries for $50 [Family of 3]

With a little planning, you can spend no more than $50 on groceries for the week, for a family of three. Here's how. The most affordable grocery stores near me are Food Lion, Kroger, and Publix (in that order). When I lived in Nashville, I liked to go to Compton's Foodland because they had a bundle deal that allowed you to get