Choose To Go Natural: Stop Chemically Straightening Your Hair (free e-book)

To understand why African American women are reluctant to go natural, I did a little research while getting my Masters of Communication from Johns Hopkins University. From that research emerged “Choose To Go Natural: Stop Chemically Straightening Your Hair,” an enlightening piece that uncovers the role family and society plays in molding women’s ideals of beauty.  

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Here’s an excerpt from the book:

Taking a holistic approach to understanding the benefits of having natural hair will make the decision to go natural an easier one for African American women. Growing up in a society or family that places so many stipulations, stigmas and judgments on hair can make any hair-related decision cumbersome.

Black women aren’t simply making the choice to wear straight hair; the choice is already made for them through coercion. Had Euro Americans pushed for curls or afros or locs, that’s what Black women (and any minority race) would desire.

Even if they were “simply making a choice” that choice would have been etched in their minds well before they thought it was a good idea.
An African American woman considers quite a bit when choosing a  hairstyle, like whether or not she will be ridiculed in the workplace or discouraged by friends or questioned by her spouse…all of which are incredibly difficult to deal with. Many times, sticking with the status quo is just easier. 

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