Three Mental Money Moves That Will Help You Save

I like to believe that most of our interactions with money are mental or emotional. We spend because we're happy (let's celebrate over dinner), we spend because we're sad (retail therapy at the mall), we spend because we can (I deserve nice things), or we spend because we can't (it's not often that I come across extra money). The reasons are countless, but more than likely, the reasons are attached to an emotional benefit.


Labor & Delivery Series Part 1: About My Pregnancy

In April of 2016, I found out I was pregnant with my second child (a boy for the second time). I wasn’t too shocked as my husband and I had decided to leave the fate in the hands of God and just baby dance until something happened. It didn’t take long. After about two weeks of baby dancing, we conceived.

3 Protective Style Red Flags

A hairstyle shouldn’t just be a cute hairstyle. It should benefit your hair in some way or another. There are several red flags we should look for in every style to make sure we keep our hair healthy, moisturized and breakage-free. Here are the top three!

German for Brunch [GUGLHUPF CAFE – NC]

From the parking street, you’d miss it. From the parking lot, you’d underestimate it. But the moment you walk down the stairs to their entrance and see a host of people dining and basking in the ambiance of their cozy patio, you will immediately know that you’ve made an awesome choice.

How To Transition To Natural Hair

Going natural is a big decision. Though it may be a tough decision, the process is actually easy. It’s really just growing out your chemically-straightened hair. In fact, we do it all the time when we’re in between perms. The only difference is, instead of getting a touch-up in six weeks, well, you won’t. You’ll just keep letting your hair grow. What is complex, however, is the maintenance of two textures and the

Yolk. Restaurant as a Family of 4


Breakfast at Yolk. was nothing short of awesome. Aside from welcoming us into the restaurant like a boss, our drinks never slowed up, the waitress was super patient with our many requests (apparently kids need lots of napkins and straws), and she even managed to